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Air Conditioning Systems: Which One Is Right for You?

Because of the brutal nature of summer heat, air conditioning in Cumming, GA is a virtual must-have. What type of air conditioning system you need depends on the size of your living space, your budget and whether you want air conditioning in a few rooms or throughout your home. Below are the types of air conditioning systems available and what each one entails.

Split System

A split system has a hot coil and cold coil that are separated into two different units: The condensing or hot side unit and the cool side unit which is comprised of an evaporator, cold coil and a blower to move cool air throughout your house. Temperatures in each room can be controlled by opening and closing outflow vents.

Window Units

You undoubtedly have seen window units sticking out of older office buildings, apartment buildings and even older homes. They are used to cool smaller spaces and one home or apartment might take several to cool the entire living space. The main issue with window units is the cost of powering them as well as installing them, which usually requires an external brace to allow a window unit to hang outside safely. Window units can also pose a security risk if used on the first floor.

Portable Units

Portable air conditioning units have gained in popularity in recent years because they are localized, relatively inexpensive and while they only cool a smaller, controlled area, they will keep that area pleasantly cool. Portable air conditioners generally have a pan that collects water pulled from the air that has to be emptied at regular intervals. Exhaust or hot air is usually pumped through a hose to the outside. The downside of portable units is the fact that their cooling capacity is very localized.

*Both window and portable units can be purchased in any department store.

Central Air

Central air uses ducts to convey cool and warm air throughout the home. It is set up to bring in fresh air to avoid any perception of room temperature change. These types of units are the most popular in houses because of their effectiveness. If a house has to be retrofitted, central air conditioning installation in Cumming Georgia can get pricey, but the installation costs will be offset by the savings in efficiency over the long haul.

These are the most popular types of air conditioning in Cumming, GA. The Split and Central Air systems cost the most in upkeep and air conditioning repair in Cumming GA. They do, however, have the advantage of cooling an entire house with ease.

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