What Is a High Velocity Comfort System?

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Because people usually don’t think much about the comfort systems in their homes—unless they malfunction—they are often unaware of the continual development of comfort technology. When the time comes for replacing an old system with a new one, a homeowner may not know that recent advances offer an even better way to heat and cool a house than before.

One of the most exciting advances in home comfort is the invention of high velocity comfort systems. These forced-air HVAC systems can provide both air conditioning and heating superior to what standard ducted systems can, but without needing space-gobbling ductwork. If you live in an older house without room for extensive ductwork, you can toss out your old window AC units and instead invest in a high velocity system. If you are planning new home construction, a high velocity system is also a great idea.

Because of the complexity of these systems, you must have a qualified professional installer handle the work. For the necessary skill installing air conditioning in Alpharetta, GA, call Cool Air Mechanical and our skilled team.

The High Velocity Comfort System Basics

The current high velocity comfort systems available are air conditioners (which can also heat with the addition of a hot water coil, add-on heat pump, or electric duct heater) that use small sized tubing for ducts rather than large ductwork channels. Most the plastic tubing used for high velocity systems are no larger than 2.5” in diameter, which makes them easy to fit into almost any space. Older buildings that don’t have room for ducts adapt easily to these miniature air channels, and they will add on to almost any house without requiring much (or any) remodeling.

But the small ducts do not mean a compromise on comfort. It’s the opposite, actually. High velocity systems spread even temperatures throughout rooms through an air principle called aspiration. Where standard ducts simply billow conditioned air into a room, taking time to fill up the space and creating uneven temperatures, the air from a high velocity system enters to room at a speed that creates suction that draws the room’s air into its airstream—this is the action of aspiration. The result is an even temperature throughout the room, no more than 2° different from the thermostat setting.

High velocity systems also operate with less noise than standard air conditioners and heat pumps. The special air handler isolates noise and vibrations, and the supply tubing reduces sound down to that of a whisper.

To learn more about how a high velocity system can work in your home, talk to our specialists in heating and air conditioning in Alpharetta, GA. At Cool Air Mechanical, we’re proud of the service and superior comfort we bring to our customers. Give us a call today to set up your next service appointment.

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Signs You Need to Schedule Air Conditioning Repair

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Spring has officially arrived and with it comes an increased need for air conditioning repair. Lingering issues with your A/C may have gotten worse over the winter, while those you might not be aware of will make themselves known once you put your system to daily use. An reputable AC service in Atlanta can handle most problems that crop up, but you need to be aware of an issue before you can summon a repair technician. Here are 3 signs you need to schedule air conditioning repair.

  • Warm air blowing
    If your air conditioner isn’t producing any cool air, then the problem likely lies with the refrigerant. It needs to be at a set level in order for your system to work as it should. If it’s dropping, there’s likely a leak somewhere in the system, though a lack of cool air can also stem from a faulty valve or coil.
  • Low air flow
    Sometimes, the air can be perfectly cool, but it’s not getting into your home because the flow of air is low. Low air flow can come from a problem with the fan motor, a bent or damaged fan blade, detritus getting into the mechanism, or dirt clogging an air passage somewhere.
  • Higher bills
    Sometimes, the problem doesn’t overtly manifest itself save in increased energy usage. Your air conditioner is working harder than it needs to in order to do its job, and costing you more in monthly cooling bills as a result. If you don’t address the issue, then sooner or later, a larger breakdown will occur.

Frankly, the sooner you spot the signs you need to schedule air conditioning service, the better. Here in the spring, you can schedule repairs more leisurely, without one of our patented heat waves bearing down on you. In addition, the repairs will arrive before you really have need of your air conditioner, ensuring that it won’t break down when you need it the most. Air conditioning repair in Atlanta can be performed by Cool Air Mechanical: trained experts dedicated to doing the job right the first time, every time. Call us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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Atlanta Water Heater Repair Tip: The Dip Tube

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

We don’t think about our water heaters much until they suffer a catastrophic breakdown: trusting that they will do their jobs day in and day out with no malfunctions. The good news is that most water heaters can function for years with only a little periodic maintenance to stay up and running. The bad news is that problems do occur, and when they do, you need a professional to solve them. Here in Atlanta, water heater repair services can fix the problem, though the more you know about the water heater’s components, the better  you’ll be able to handle the problem. Here’s a quick water heater repair tip: the function of the dip tube.

The dip tube runs the length of your water tank, where it ferries cold water from your plumbing system into the bottom of the tank. There, it can be heated by the burners (usually located under the tank). As it heats up, it rises to the top of the tank, where it can then be sent to your sink or shower. Without the dip tube, the cold water from the plumbing would intermingle with the heated water, transforming it from hot to lukewarm. The same thing happens when the dip tube encounters problems. A leak in the tube will send cold water to the top of the tank where it doesn’t belong, while a disintegrated dip tube may render your water heater completely incapable of warming your water properly. You should be particularly careful if your water heater was built between 1993 and 1996: dip tubes during that era were notoriously defective, and have begun to disintegrate with age.

A good technician can replace the dip tube for you, as well as draining the water tank and cleaning off any detritus or build-up. And here’s another Atlanta water heater repair tip: the dip tube should be periodically checked as well as the other components in your water heater. Water heater repair and other home HVAC services in Atlanta can be performed by the experts at Cool Air Mechanical. Pick up the phone and call us today to put your water heater back on track!

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Prolong Your Air Conditioner’s Life with These Steps

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Part of saving money with your home’s central air conditioning is ensuring that you receive the longest life possible from it. Nothing wastes money faster than investing in an air conditioner, only to have it fail a few years later… a decade before it should.

Although we cannot control all the factors that can lead to the premature demise of an AC, we can still control most of them. The following tips will help you prolong your air conditioner’s service life so that it reaches it manufacturer’s estimated lifespan—and possibly beyond.

You will need the assistance of professionals, like those at Cool Air Mechanical, to help your air conditioning in Atlanta, GA operate for many years keeping you cool.

Tips to extend your AC’s life

  • Regularly change the air filter: This is an essential step to ensure that your air conditioner 1) doesn’t overwork because of restricted airflow, and 2) doesn’t receive damage from debris getting inside. You should change the filter regularly during the summer.
  • Use fans in your house: The less you need to run your air conditioner, the slower it will age and the longer it will last. If you can, install ceiling fans in the rooms, which increase air circulation and break up pockets of hot air. However, standing fans can work almost as well at keeping you comfortable during moderately warm temperatures so you won’t need to run the AC.
  • Install an upgraded thermostat: A programmable thermostat will help you have better comfort from your air conditioner without requiring it to run as often. Even updating to a basic digital model from a manual model means greater precision cooling and less time spent running the AC unnecessarily.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: If you air conditioner goes for a year without a maintenance visit from an HVAC technician, it will run on average 20% less efficiently. This puts enormous strain on the system and prematurely ages it. Maintenance will also catch repair issues early, so you can arrange to fix them before they become more serious and impair the AC.

When in doubt, turn to HVAC professionals

Although you can take many steps to cool down your home without putting extra pressure on your AC, you’ll need skilled assistance to keep an air conditioning system running at its best throughout its lifetime. Call Cool Air Mechanical and sign up for our Preventive Service Plan to give your air conditioning in Atlanta, GA the longevity you need to receive the most value from it.

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Why Is the Water from My Water Heater Not Warm Enough?

Monday, April 7th, 2014

You depend on your hot water heater in Atlanta, GA every day: for cooking, washing, and cleaning. If something goes wrong with your heater and you find that the water flowing from the tap is only lukewarm, you’ll need to contact professionals to inspect the unit, discover the problem, and find how to fix it.

Cool Air Mechanical has skilled technicians who can solve your water heater malfunctions fast and right the first time. They’re standing by 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call whenever you start losing your hot water.

Reasons for a loss of heat in your hot water supply

  • Thermostat malfunction: Your water heater has its own thermostat to maintain the temperature inside the tank. If the thermostat develops a flaw, it can permit the temperature in the water to begin to drop. (Conversely, a malfunctioning thermostat can cause the hot water heater to overheat, which is also a serious situation.)
  • Broken dip tube: The dip tube brings in cold, fresh water from the water supply and carries it down through the tank of the water heater to the heat source at the bottom. When the water heats up, it rises toward the top of the tank. If the dip tube breaks, cold water will gather at the top of the tank and mix with the hot water, lowering the temperature of the water the pump draws from the tank and then sends to your faucets. A repair technician will need to replace a broken dip tube.
  • Burnt-out heating element: This applies to electric water heaters, which use two heating elements inside the tank to warm up the water. If one of these heating elements fails, it will halve the water’s temperature. This is an easy fix for technicians: they will drain the tank and replace the broken heating element.
  • Gas flow failure: This applies to natural gas-powered heaters, the most common type. If the burner below the tank fails to light because of insufficient gas flow, or if only a few gas jets on the burner ignite, it will adversely affect the water temperature. It’s vital that you never attempt to fix gas line trouble on your own; let professionals safely handle this issue.

Rely on a trusted name in repairs

Please don’t “tolerate” lukewarm water coming from your faucets and showerheads, hoping that the problem will go away. It most likely won’t. Get on the phone instead and call Cool Air Mechanical for skilled repair technicians. We can repair your water heater in Atlanta, GA.

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The Importance of Spring Duct Cleaning

Friday, April 4th, 2014

With spring arriving in Georgia, we’ve reached the conclusion of the heating season. Our furnaces and heat pumps will go into hibernation (with maybe a few days return to work) and the air conditioners will start their regular hum keeping homes cool.

We hope you have scheduled maintenance for your AC—it should be done every spring. However, have you also considered having a thorough cleaning of the ductwork your air conditioning system uses to distribute cool air? Right now is an ideal time to schedule duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA. It’s a more important service than many people realize.

At Cool Air Mechanical, we not only keep the air in homes cool with repairs and maintenance on air conditioners, we also keep ductwork free from dust and debris with our specialists in duct cleaning. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

The Importance of Clean Ducts

During the winter, ducts can accumulate debris from the inside of your home. (If you haven’t regularly changed the air filter, the accumulation can be thick indeed.) When your AC comes on for the season to stay, you want the cleanest ducts possible to welcome it. Here are the reasons why:

  • Healthier air: One of the reasons that low indoor air quality plagues many homes today is because they are sealed up tight to help save energy – which prevents fresh air from coming in. Instead, the air circulates through the ducts—and if they’re filled with contamination, it will spread through the air you breathe. Duct cleaning reduces health problems caused by low indoor air quality: you’ll experience fewer colds and flus, as well as a reduction in eye and nose irritation, headaches, nausea, and breathing trouble. If people with allergies live in your home, it’s especially important to maintain a clean ventilation system.
  • AC efficiency: Ductwork is designed to provide as little resistance as possible to the flow of air from a heating or cooling system. Even a thin layer of dust inside ducts creates friction on the airflow and makes the air conditioner work harder than it should. Over a one or two year period, this will severely affect performance and lead to higher utility bills. Duct cleaning will save you money with an AC that has few obstacles to its airflow.
  • Prevent AC repairs: Dust and debris clogging ventilation does more than restrict the airflow. It can damage the system as well. When particles get through to the cabinet of an air conditioning system, it can cause motors to burn out, fan blades to bend, and compressors to malfunction. A good cleaning of the ducts means an air conditioner that will run during the spring with fewer chances of developing malfunctions.

Don’t try to clean ducts on your own. It takes special equipment and training. For duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA, rely on Cool Air Mechanical and our experienced team.

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