Why Consider Mold Testing

Monday, October 28th, 2013

When discussing cleanliness in your home, you’ll find it easier to talk about dust and grime than the possibility of mold growing in hidden spaces. Molds and other pollutants are troubling to even think about spreading through corners of your home. Keeping mold out of your homes—especially out of the ductwork connected to your HVAC system—is important for maintaining healthy air quality. Molds are allergens that can cause a number of health problems, and their danger isn’t limited to people who have allergies to airborne contaminants.

For a city like Atlanta, with a climate that can reach high levels of humidity throughout the year, keeping a watch for mold is particularly important. You should consider testing for mold in your house to discover where it might be growing and what you can do about it.

Cool Air Mechanical performs mold testing in Atlanta and nearby areas that is thorough and uses both environmental inspection and indoor air quality assessment. Contact us to locate mold troubles that might lower the quality of the air you breathe every day. Benefits of professional mold testing include:

  • Identifying specific health concerns: There are many different types of biological airborne pollutants, and they can have a variety of negative effects on health. Mold testing will identify exactly what kind of health concerns should be addressed.
  • Finding the cause of the growth: The reason mold starts to grow inside a home is rarely as simple as “high humidity.” Mold testing will locate where the excess humidity is entering your house and identify trouble spots such as broken ducts or water leaks, which will also need repairs to prevent the growth from continuing.
  • Learning how the mold can be eliminated: Once testing has pinpointed the type of mold and the reason for its infestation, technicians can find the correct approach to destroy the growth and prevent its return.

At Cool Air Mechanical, we have a variety of tools to use for mold remediation and mold prevention, such as UV germicidal lights and dehumidifiers. Contact us today to schedule Atlanta mold testing.

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Atlanta Furnace Installation Tip: When is the Right Time?

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Here in Atlanta, we expect our furnaces to last a long time. Mild winters help reduce strain on the unit, and with reliable maintenance, you can extend its life well past its warranty date. Sooner or later, however, every major mechanical device needs replacing, and your furnace is no different. But the key question is: when is the right time? The answer varies according to your individual needs, but here’s a handy tip to help.

The issue boils down to up-front cost versus savings over time. A new furnace will likely save you money over your old one when it comes to month-to-month costs. They tend to be more efficient than older furnaces and make better use of energy-saving technology. All of that stands against the initial cost of installation, which obviously should be factored into your considerations.

In some cases, that cost might not be worth it, especially if your old unit is still working fine. If, however, your current furnace is costing you much more than you would like, then it’s probably time to think about a new one. Those costs can include monthly heating bills – which are likely to go up as worn components break down and the ravage or time take their toll – but may also involve specific repairs when the furnace breaks down. If you find yourself call a repair service more often than you’d like, and if those repairs keep costing more and more, then it may be time to make a short-term investment in favor of long-term savings.

If “when is the right time?” turns into “now is the right time,” and you’re looking for Atlanta furnace installation options, contact Cool Air Mechanical for help. Our trained staff can answer any questions you might have, and we perform all of our installation services with professionalism and care. We can also set up maintenance plans to ensure that your new furnace functions at peak capacity for a long time to come. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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Why a Heat Pump in Atlanta May be Right for You

Friday, October 18th, 2013

A heat pump is a viable alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. It makes particular sense here in the South, where our local climate fits in very well with a heat pump’s operating parameters. Read on to see why a heat pump in Atlanta may be right for you.

Heat pumps work according to the same principles as traditional air conditioners. Refrigerant gas enters the compressor, where it is heated up and placed under a great deal of pressure. The heat is then dispersed to the outside air as it goes through the condenser coils, cooling the gas to a liquid while keeping it under high pressure. The liquid then enters an evaporator coil, where it returns to a gaseous form and absorbs heat from the nearby air in the process. The air is pushed into your home with a fan while the refrigerant returns to the compressor to start the cycle again.

That’s how a traditional air conditioner works, and in the summer time, a heat pump works the same way. In the winter, however, it essentially reverses the cycle. Instead of releasing the hot air outside, it releases it inside to warm your home, and absorbs whatever heat there is from the air outside. Heat pumps use less energy than traditional electric heating systems: up to 40% according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That number drops significantly when the temperatures stay below 40 degrees. Fortunately, Atlanta enjoys very mild winters, meaning that a heat pump is an ideal way to keep your home comfortable no matter what the time of year.

If you’re interested in installing a heat pump or you already own one and need maintenance or repairs, contact the experts at Cool Air Mechanical for help. We can explain why a heat pump in Atlanta may be right for you, then set up a schedule to install a new one (or repair an old one) that fits in with your timetable. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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Atlanta, GA Heating Repair Tip: Why Schedule Prompt Service?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

When it comes to heating repair, Atlanta GA residents may be more inclined to wait than move quickly. Mild weather means that you may not need to rely on your heater right away, and may want to wait before calling in a service technician.  Unfortunately, that can often be a mistake. The prompter the service, the less of a chance of larger problems developing and the less of a chance that the unexpected will make mischief for you.

In simplest terms, leaving an existing problem only gives it a chance to get worse. If you’re running your heater with an existing issue, it will increase strain on the whole system, making it more likely that additional components will break down. That means more extensive repairs and additional money out of your pocket. Even if the heater continues to function, the added strain means that it’s using more energy than it should, increasing your monthly heating bills in the bargain. Speedy repair service means that those issues are avoided, restoring your heater to its full effectiveness and reducing the risk of future repairs.

The same principle applies even if you don’t run your heater. Not only are you denying yourself the warm, comfortable household that it can provide in case an unexpected cold front moves in, but dust and grime can build up on an unused system, which can in turn cause further damage to the individual components that can be prevented with a prompt repair service. You never know what the weather is going to do and the longer you leave your heating problem unaddressed, the greater the chance of having to scramble when the temperature takes an unexpected dip.

Regardless of the circumstances, sooner is usually better for most things. The Atlanta, GA heating repair experts at Cool Air Mechanical offer emergency service 24/7, and are standing by to help deal with your heating issue quickly. Call us to set up a service appointment today.

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Heating in Alpharetta FAQ: What Is a Thermocouple?

Monday, October 7th, 2013

If you’ve arrived at the question, “What is a thermocouple?” it’s probably because you’re curious about how your home heating system detects heat levels. We’re here to give you the answer.

A thermocouple is an electric device used to determine temperature levels, and they are often used as safety system to stop the heating inside furnaces if temperatures begin to rise dangerously. Thermocouples aren’t only installed in home and commercial heating systems; they receive wide use in scientific and industrial settings to measure the heat output of engines and turbines. What makes thermocouples so useful for multiple tasks is that they are simple and inexpensive devices.

A thermocouple consists of two different metals joined at one end and separated at the other. The separated ends generate electrical voltage in proportion to the heat they sense. If the temperature increases, so does their voltage. The reason for this is the thermoelectric effect, or “Seebeck effect” (named after German-Estonian physicists Thomas Johann Seebeck, who discovered this effect in 1821). Different metal pairings are used for different temperature ranges. Your heater reads the voltage from the thermocouple and converts it into a temperature reading, which it can use to detect if temperatures have gotten raised too high.

Although thermocouples are simple devices, they are prone to malfunction like any electrical system. Don’t attempt to dismantle a heater to repair the thermocouple yourself or replace it—you won’t know which kind of thermocouple you need to get for the heat range. And if the thermocouple isn’t at fault, tampering with it could add further problems.

Our heating experts at Cool Air Mechanical have experience with repairs for all kinds of heating issues. When you think you’ve got a thermocouple that’s on the fritz, contact us right away to schedule an appointment. We can handle problems of all types for heating systems in Alpharetta, GA.

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3 Ways to Save Money on Heating in Atlanta

Friday, October 4th, 2013

The cost of fuel has a large impact on your budget. It will grow larger during Georgia’s colder months, when we fire up our furnaces and boilers that use electrical or gas power. You can’t get rid of your heating system—you would find winter almost unlivable—but you can take steps to save money on your energy bill in the short- and long-term. Take into account these 3 tips, and you will be on your way to reduced costs for heating in Atlanta, GA.

If you want further help, such as advice on repairs for your heater, look to Cool Air Mechanical. We service and install the top brands to give you energy-efficient comfort.

1. Find a lower comfortable temperature

A good heater can give you temperatures to match the Sahara desert—or a tropical island—but you don’t need that much warmth. Most people can feel comfortable at 68°F with an extra layer of clothing, like a sweater. At night, with the help of a thick blanket, you might even be able to turn down the temperature even lower. Averaging temperatures of five to ten degrees lower than your normal use can add up to immense energy savings. And if you don’t have one already, install a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature when you aren’t home.

2. Seal heat leaks

The contemporary house is designed to trap heat so it won’t leak outside. However, heat still finds places to escape: at the edges of doors, cracks around seals on windows, up a chimney, or through the attic. Check to see that you have sufficient insulation (especially in the attic; heat rises!), and get storm windows installed and weather stripping around the outside doors. If you have a fireplace, keep its damper shut when not in use.

3. Keep your heater in good shape with maintenance

Your heating system’s condition and performance will decline with use, just like any machine. Without proper preventive maintenance, an aging heater will become inefficient and bleed away extra energy to operate properly. Getting it an annual check-up and tune-up will reduce the wear on your heater and keep it running without putting pressure on your budget.

Get your home winterized and maintenance done on your heating system as soon as possible, before the cold arrives and HVAC professionals have hectic emergency schedules. Cool Air Mechanical offers an excellent maintenance program to relieve your worries about your heater’s condition and get your bills under control. For maintenance, advice, or any other concerns about heating in Atlanta, GA, contact us.

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