Atlanta Heating and AC Guide: Reasons for End of Summer AC Tune-Up

Monday, September 24th, 2012

When the summer winds down and you find yourself turning on your Atlanta air conditioner less and less, the first instinct for most people is to start preparing for winter. But there are very real benefits to performing in-depth maintenance on your air conditioning system now, before the winter comes and the system is left to sit in the cold for many months.

 Why the End of Summer is a Good Time for Maintenance

The end of summer is a good time to have your air conditioner serviced because it has just finished running for weeks or possibly months at a time. That means that quite a bit of wear and tear has developed and the system will be forced to sit like that all winter. Possible issues can become even more substantial in the winter months if the system is not prepared for that time.

What You Should Have Done

An end of summer tune up for an air conditioner is less intensive than a spring tune up, but should be done nonetheless to avoid problems in the winter. Such a tune up includes cleaning and changing filters, cleaning the coils of any possible dirt build up, clearing the space around your condenser unit and cleaning its fins and coils, and programming your thermostat to ensure it is working properly. An Atlanta air conditioning technician will also remove the drain pan and clear out the condensate line to avoid freezing in the winter and run a final diagnostic on the machine to ensure it is in good working order.

If you’re only going to have one maintenance tune up performed on your air conditioner, the spring maintenance visit is the most important, but to avoid unwanted repair needs in the spring and to prepare your system for the long winter ahead, consider an end of summer tune up as well. To schedule a tune-up for your heating and air conditioning system, give Cool Air Mechanical a call!

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Marietta Heating Tip: How To Check If Your HVAC System Is the Right Size

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Your Marietta heating and air conditioning system should be properly sized to match the specific needs of your home. This is vital for a number of reasons. To start, there is the most obvious reason – a system that is too small will not produce enough heating or cooling to keep your family comfortable throughout the year.

But that is where many people get confused. Thinking that small is bad, so bigger must be better, they pour a large volume of money into the biggest air conditioner or heating system they can find and subsequently end up with an even worse situation.

An oversized HVAC system won’t work properly for a number of reasons. To start, it is too powerful. A system that big will quickly produce more heat or cooling than your home needs and turn off as soon as the thermostat reaches the right point. But because it turns off so quickly, it must turn back on soon after. This is called short cycling and is bad for your system because it can result in a decrease in efficiency or cause your air conditioner to freeze over, and it never quite dehumidifies the air. Your entire system can also break down much sooner because of it.

So, if you are having frequent problems with your HVAC system such as it being too warm or too cold in your home, lines freezing over, or your system simply breaking down much more often than it should, you should check the sizing of your system.

The key here is to have a load calculation done to determine how much heating or cooling your home ideally needs and then compare that number to what your system currently offers. If your air conditioning system is 3 tons and you only need a 36,000 BTU/h system, then you have an oversized air conditioner and need to have it replaced.

The best way to determine how to proceed in this situation is to have a Marietta heating professional inspect your home and help you choose the best solution for a replacement. Call Cool Air Mechanical today if you have any questions about your home’s heating system!

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Why it is Important to Winterize Your Atlanta Air Conditioner

Monday, September 10th, 2012

A quality air conditioning system has become a necessity for many Atlanta homeowners, especially for those who live in warm climate. It is the only way to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in the heat of summer. Like any other equipment, though, Atlanta air conditioning systems also require regular maintenance so they can continue to function effectively. Winterizing your air conditioner is one of the important maintenance tasks that helps to enhance the lifespan and performance of your system.  Here are some of the reasons why it is so important to winterize your air conditioner.

  • To Protect Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is an expensive piece of equipment, so you need to protect it to get maximum payback on your investment. Air conditioning systems bear a heavy burden during hot summer months. So, simply turning off the system in winter months is not enough to ensure it will be ready for the next summer. Winterizing it helps you protect your system, no matter how harsh the winter weather gets so you don’t have to worry about whether it will work when the heat comes back again.

  • To Save a Lot of Money in Air Conditioner Repair

As you keep your air conditioner switched off after summer passes, there are more chances for leaves, dirt, dust and debris to get in and clog up the moveable parts inside the system. Winterizing your air conditioner is the best way to clear away this type of dust and debris. Any trained professional can do this work effectively and quickly, without creating a mess in your home. Cleaning dirt and debris from air conditioner helps you save tons of money in expensive repairs in future.

If you have window mounted air conditioners that cool the air by pumping water over a series of cooling pads, winterizing the unit is especially important. It gives you a chance to check whether there is any water left in the air conditioner. Draining water from the unit can help prevent it from freezing and causing damage to costly parts.

  • To Enhance the Performance of Your Air Conditioner

Most of the home owners seal off air conditioning vents and ducts, once the hot summer months are over. These areas are the main sources of heat and draft waste within the home. Winterizing your air conditioning system provides you with an opportunity to remove all the sealants prior to using the air conditioner in summer months.

Winterizing your Atlanta air conditioner is important to add to the life of your system and to save yourself expenses. To schedule a maintennace appointment or get your heating system ready for winter, give Cool Air Mechanical a call!

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Atlanta Air Conditioning Tip: Why to Do If Your AC Won’t Turn Off

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

We all know what to do if our Atlanta air conditioners won’t turn on – that’s a clear call for a professional to come out and inspect your system. But what about if the system turns on and won’t turn off, whether it’s just the compressor or the entire system? This can be a very uncomfortable and ultimately very expensive problem if not inspected and repaired right away.

There are a few possible problems that you might have if your system refuses to turn off properly. To start, it could be an issue with the thermostat. If you set the thermostat to a temperature that your system is not actually capable of reaching, it will continue to run indefinitely. Most systems are only rated down to a certain temperature for a certain size of room. Too much below that and it will keep blowing cold air but never get to where you want it.

To test this problem, turn the thermostat setting to above the current room temperature. Your air conditioner should turn off when you do this. If it does not, it may be an issue with the air conditioning control board or a switch that has gone bad. There is a switch inside your air conditioner that will turn off when the thermostat reading is reached. If this switch goes bad, the system will simply continue to run indefinitely until the power is interrupted.

In this case, the only thing you can do is call an Atlanta air conditioning professional to inspect and replace the necessary component in your air conditioner. The air conditioning control board is a simple replacement, as are any switches. Other problems can cause a similar issue wherein the system won’t turn off when it should, but are much rarer and generally require greater repairs and the replacement of larger components.

If you can’t get your air conditioner to turn off and are sure it is a problem with a component that needs to be replaced, now is the time to call Cool Air Mechanical to visit your home.

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