Atlanta Air Conditioning Question: What is a High Velocity AC System?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

A high velocity air conditioning system is a different kind of AC system.  It makes the option of a central air conditioning system possible in many older homes where otherwise it might be cost-prohibitive to use one.

High velocity AC systems use insulated flexible ducts that are quite a bit smaller in diameter than those used by your normal forced air system.  Because of their smaller design they can be placed in tighter spaces and where space tends to be more limited, such as behind existing walls.  Air is cooled and then circulated through a method known as aspiration.  Cool air is vented into rooms at a high rate of speed leaving rooms coolers, drier, and more comfortable.

High velocity air conditioning provides many of the same benefits as other whole home air conditioning system in Atlanta.  There is no need for a noisy unit that just cools a single room, as the high velocity option functions quietly and efficiently.  They also remove a lot of moisture in the air because the high pressure blower compresses the air, keeping it in contact with the coils for a longer period of time.  This can be great for buildings in humid environments, as it practically eliminates the need for a dehumidifier during the summer months.

They are draft-free, provide even temperatures throughout a space, they do not use up existing space, and there is no need to completely remodel when installing a high velocity ductless system.

Contact Cool Air Mechanical and learn even more about the option of installing a high velocity AC system in Atlanta!

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Atlanta Air Conditioning Guide: Common Issues with AC Replacement

Monday, August 20th, 2012

When you are replacing your Atlanta air conditioning system, it is imperative to have the right air conditioning company complete the project. The Atlanta AC specialists at Cool Air Mechanical are here to provide some great information on the most common issues with AC replacement.

Leakage in Return or Supply Ducts

Duct leakage is one of the leading causes of inefficiency in any new air conditioning system.

  • Return duct leakage decreases indoor air quality. Air from unused spaces, attics and crawlspaces mixes with the air in the ducts, potentially causing clogs in coils and the blower wheel which further decrease efficiency.
  • Supply duct leakage pushes air into unused spaces. This increases the AC run time, causing you to pay more for the same amount of cooling capacity.

When ductwork is properly installed and sealed it boosts energy-efficiency by as much as 15% to 20%, provides better air flow and a significant reduction in air contaminants.

Undersized Ductwork

Having a proper amount of air flow through ducts is imperative to overall AC performance.  When ducts are not large enough they restrict air flow, causing air conditioners to lose their full capacity of cooling. This leads to hot and cold spots.

Restrictive Registers and Return Grills

When return grills and registers are too small or an inadequate air filter is used it can decrease air flow. This reduces your air conditioning efficiency.  Proper sizing of return grills and registers as well as quality air filters will ensure the AC is gets the right amount of air.

Insufficient Refrigerant Charge

A low refrigerant charge can negatively affect AC performance by as much as 20%.  With the proper refrigerant charge an AC system should operate efficiently.

AC Sizing

Oversized AC equipment will cool a space but it cannot do so efficiently.  Undersized air conditioning systems will not properly cool an indoor space and will run almost continually to get the job done, causing higher energy costs.  With proper AC sizing your equipment will work efficiently.

Cool Air Mechanical can perform your Atlanta AC replacement correctly, ensuring that you never have to worry about these common issues. Call us today to learn more!

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Why Ductless Systems are Good for Room Additions in Atlanta

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Ductless systems are becoming an increasingly popular option for both air conditioning and heating small spaces and room additions.  The air conditioning and heating experts in Atlanta at Cool Air Mechanical work with ductless systems and can help you understand why they are such a good option for room additions.

Benefits of Ductless Systems for Room Additions

If you have a room addition in your office space or home, it can be tricky to think about how you will air condition and heat that extra room.  Replacing the air conditioner or heater for an entire building can be quite costly, as the new air conditioner and heater would need to be sized to accommodate the new space, and the ductwork system would need to be adjusted and re-balanced to accommodate the new room or rooms.

When it comes down to it, if your current system is not that old to begin with all this extra work might not be the most cost-effective solution.  This is where ductless systems come into the picture.

Ductless systems are good for room additions and other small room retrofits where the original air conditioning or heating system of a building will not be changed.  This is because ductless systems can be installed for one individual room, they do not require a duct system to work, and they can be very energy-efficient to comparable systems.  Because they do not require a duct system, an existing duct system for a home or office does not need to be touched in order to bring cooled or heated air to a new room.  This can mean saving money by not retrofitting an AC or heating system that could still work for years to come for the rest of the building.

Without a duct system, you can avoid the energy losses of up to 30% which come with ductwork through a forced air system.  You also avoid air contamination where dust and debris settle into the ducts and are then brought into the indoor air.

Ductless systems offer flexibility in zoning certain spaces allowing them to be heated or cooled at specific times of day.  With the ability to have four separate zones heated and cooled more zones can be added to the ductless system if the need ever arises.  With smaller installation costs, and the ability to be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted, the ductless system is often preferable over other systems for room additions.  It’s easy to use features and numerous options make the ductless system an ideal option for room additions.

Cool Air Mechanical has AC technicians that are experts in ductless systems in Atlanta, so call us today if you have an questions!


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Atlanta Air Conditioning Q/A: What is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System

Monday, August 6th, 2012

For those looking into the various air conditioning types, mini split air conditioning systems are one of the many great AC options that are currently available.  Want to know a little more about them?  Cool Air Mechanical is an Atlanta air conditioning company with expertise working on mini split air conditioners, and can help you understand whether they are a good option for your home.

Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini split air conditioners are used in both residential and commercial buildings.  This can include multi-family homes, apartment buildings, or houses with additions where extending ductwork is not an option.

Mini splits are designed to be small, not taking up much indoor space while also not using duct systems to distribute air.  The two main components which work in tandem are an outdoor condenser and compressor cabinet which does the job of cooling the air, and the indoor air handler which distributes the already cooled air.  These two units are connected by the refrigerant tubing, the power line, and drainage tubes.

With mini split air conditioning a single outdoor unit can be hooked up to several indoor units, which gives the system the option of cooling many separate rooms at one time.  Each indoor air handling unit houses controls for temperature settings for the zone or room which it is set up to cool.  Additionally, each indoor unit can be turned on or off depending on individual need, so that unused rooms are not cooled, which only wastes energy.

The indoor unit of a mini split can be mounted in a variety of ways such as hung on the wall, or from the ceiling as a flush drop-ceiling mount, or suspended from the ceiling.  This means that is saves space while not having to be situated on the floor.

As air conditioning specialists in Atlanta, Cool Air Mechanical handles mini split air conditioning systems as well as a wide range of other air conditioner types.  Contact Cool Air Mechanical for any mini split air conditioning problems or if you want to learn more about having this type of system installed in your home.

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