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Decatur Water Heater Guide: Why Replace Your Water Heater?

Can you name a component in your home in Decatur that you use every day? Your water heater is probably one of those appliances. You use it to shower, shave, laundry, wash dishes and more. With so many important jobs, replacing your water heater is a huge decision. But how do you know it’s time to replace your water heater. We’ve assembled a small collection of reasons why you might need to replace your water heater.

Rust Colored Water

Rust colored hot water is normally a very bad sign for your water heater. It typically means that the inside of your water heater has started to rust. This problem cannot be repaired and you will most likely need to replace the whole water heater. While rust in your water could be caused by corrosion in your pipes, if you notice rust-colored hot water only there’s a good chance it’s from your water heater.

Leaking Water

If you start to notice water collecting underneath your water heater, you may want to start considering replacing your water heater. This can sometimes mean that the inside of your water heater has rusted through and is now starting to leak. Make sure you call a professional to inspect your water heater. This could also be from a small hole in a pipe near your water.

Improved Efficiency

If you have an older water heater, there’s a good chance that it’s using a lot of energy to heat your water. Newer water heaters typically have a greater efficiency rating than older models. Water heaters are given an efficiency rating called an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. This rating indicates how much of the fuel consumed is actually converted into heat. Most older water heaters have an AFUE of around 60% which means that they waste 40% of the fuel they use. Many newer models have an AFUE rating of 92% and above.

If you have any questions about the water heater in your Decatur home, call the experts at Cool Air Mechanical. We have years of experience working with all types and brands of water heaters. We can help you pick out a new water heater that fits your needs and install it for you. Call us today!

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