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Atlanta Heating FAQ: How Do Heat Pumps Compare to Furnaces?

Are you thinking about buying a new heating system but not sure what kind to get? Whether you have a new home or old one, comparing heat pumps and furnaces is a good place to start when you are thinking about a new heater for your Atlanta area home. Call Cool Air Mechanical if you have any questions about the heat pump and furnace models we sell and install.

Here are few notes for comparison to get you started.

Don’t I need a backup furnace for my heat pump anyway?

Not necessarily. Using a backup heating source all depends on where you live and the layout of your home. If you have a large home in a cold climate, then yes, you may need a backup furnace to heat your home when temperatures drop below freezing. An air source heat pump will heat a home more efficiently in milder climates. You can also think about a dual fuel system that automatically switches from the electric heat pump to a gas furnace during colder weather. The gas furnace will cost less to run since gas tends to be more efficient than electricity.

Which type of heater needs more maintenance?

Any type of heating system will need routine maintenance. Annual tune-ups contribute to the efficiency and safe operation of your heating system. Maintenance also helps extend the life of the system since it helps keep repair needs down. The only difference is that your heat pump may need two tune-ups per year—one before the heating season and another before the cooling season.

Which one is more efficient: Heat pump or furnace?

Again, this all depends on several factors. You’ll need to answer some questions first. How big is your home? What are your heating needs? How cold is the climate? Where is your home located? How many rooms do you have? How many doors and windows are there in your home? How much sunlight does your home get in the winter? Is your home properly insulated and sealed? Once you’ve answered these, speak with a professional heating contractor about your options.

At Cool Air Mechanical, we’d be glad to go over all the different factors to help you make an informed decision. Call us if you are interested in a new heat pump or furnace for your Atlanta area home.

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