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Why You Should Call Professionals for AC System Repair

Hvac repairWhen your heater or air conditioner breaks, you have two options: you can try to troubleshoot it yourself or call a professional air conditioning company in Buford. Unless you went to tech school for AC repair, there are several reasons why you should call a professional HVAC company for your repair needs. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at Cool Air Mechanical.  

Personal Safety

When it comes to handling major electrical appliances, you should always call a professional. Just because you watched an online tutorial or read a handyman blog doesn’t mean you’re prepared to take apart your AC unit. With so many moving parts and electrical cables, one wrong move or snipped cord could result in a trip to the hospital. Even if you turn the unit off at the breaker, a residual charge can still do serious damage to you or the unit’s internals. Also, if you do more damage to your unit, it could end up costing you more to have it repaired professionally. For your own safety, always call a professional heating and air conditioning technician.


When you call the professionals, you also get their years of expertise and training. HVAC technicians are required to take several industry-related repair courses through a local vocational or community college. They also undergo rigorous hands-on training under the supervision of an instructor or on-the-job training with an experienced technician. These requirements help cultivate the skills necessary to accurately diagnose your heating or air conditioning problems. It takes practice and time to learn how to identify specific signs, symptoms, and sounds associated with a faulty system.


Laws vary from one state to another, but most states require that service companies obtain specific amounts of liability insurance before obtaining a business license. Liability insurance protects you, the homeowner, from covering damages incurred during the repair process. For example, if your HVAC technician accidentally puts a hole through your wall while trying to install your new unit, the company’s liability insurance should cover the cost to have it repaired. If you make a mistake, the repair costs will come out of your pocket. Protect yourself from extra repair costs and make sure your HVAC company is properly licensed and insured.

Fast Service

Ac maintenanceOnce your technician can diagnose your problem, they may have to replace parts inside your system. Chances are they already have a replacement part at their disposal. Companies that service specific brands tend to stock parts just in case, especially the parts that break more often. That means it won’t be long before your unit is back up and running. If you try to order parts yourself, it could be a while before they come in and you’ll be without AC until they arrive.

Whether you need repair on an existing unit or a new HVAC installation in Buford, don’t take a chance with DIY. Trust your local team of experienced repair technicians at Cool Air Mechanical.


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