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Why Is There a Bad Smell Coming from My AC? An Atlanta Air Conditioning FAQ

Having good air conditioning in Atlanta is a huge priority for every homeowner. But with all the use that your AC gets during the summer there are a few problems that can start to arise. A very common issue that we get called for is a strange smell coming from the AC. We wanted to let our customers know what might be causing this problem.

One of the main cause of a bad smell coming from your air conditioning system could be mildew in the condensate pan. As your air conditioning system cools your home condensation forms on the evaporator coils inside the system. This is similar to what happens when you take a cold glass outside on a hot day. That condensation will normally drip down into a pan and then drain away. But if the drain gets clogged it can allow bacteria and mold to start to grow which could cause an odor to occur.

If there’s a bad smell coming out of the registers in your home when you turn on your air conditioning system this could be caused by mildew or bacteria growing in your ducts. It could also be mold or bacteria grown on the actual evaporator coils themselves.

Call the Atlanta air conditioning experts at Cool Air Mechanical today to talk with one of our friendly specialists today about any AC or duct cleaning services that you need. We’ll work hard to quickly find the source of the odor and eliminate it.

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