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Risks of Hiring Non-Licensed Heating and Air Contractor

Hvac repairmenWhen you’re shopping for a heating company in Cumming, GA, you should always make sure they’re licensed to work in your state. Hiring a non-licensed HVAC company is a serious gamble. Learn more about these risks here from Cool Air Mechanical.

Educational Standards

First and foremost, a business license ensures a certain level of quality in the work you’re getting. When a business applies for a license to work in your state, they must be able to meet certain educational and training standards depending on their industry. These standards are put in place by state legislation. A heating and air conditioning technician is usually required to pass a vocational training course through an accredited college or technical school. The business must ensure all employees meet these educational requirements before applying for a business license or renewing an existing license with their state authorities.

Building Codes

In addition to ensuring educational standards, a business license also means that your HVAC company is up-to-date on the latest building codes. Building codes for the heating and air conditioning industry reflect the latest advances and important safety protocols. An HVAC unit that isn’t up to code can be a safety hazard. If your company doesn’t have a business license and company insurance, you’ll be responsible for making sure your home appliances are up to par with local building codes. Protect yourself from unnecessary fines by hiring a company with a valid business license.

Company Insurance

hvacTo apply for a business license, many states require proof of business insurance. Your HVAC company should have liability insurance and worker’s compensation, at the very least. Liability insurance protects you from having to pay for damages caused by your HVAC technician. Whether you’re installing a new unit or replacing old parts, if a technician’s mistake results in damages to your home, your AC company is liable for repairs.

Unless you have additional coverage for in-home employees under your homeowners’ insurance policy, chances are you’ll be paying out of pocket for these damages if the AC company doesn’t have insurance. If a technician is hurt while working on your property, worker’s compensation protects you from picking up the hospital bills. When a contractor or business applies for a new business license or renews an existing license, they must prove that they have a certain amount of insurance.

How to Verify a Business License

To verify a business license, ask for the license number. Many heating and air contractors in Cumming, GA, will publish their business license number on their website, in the yellow pages, and on local advertisements. Verify this number by calling your local business bureau. Some states offer online search tools where you can enter the license number for validation. Also ask for the business insurance before you sign for any services. Verify the amount of coverage by calling the insurance provider.






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