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How to Properly Maintain your AC System

Your air conditioner keeps you comfortable every day, for large parties at home and for relaxing sleep every night. But air conditioning repair is an unfortunate part of owning an AC system. If you want comfortable temperatures throughout the summer, you will occasionally have to invest in maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, there is an HVAC company in Buford, GA, that can maintain your unit for you. All you have to do is contact them, and they will make sure your unit stays efficient to help you save on your cooling costs every month, and they will make sure your unit works properly so that you can stay comfortable.

These are some tips for maintaining your AC properly so it can work well and last a long time.

  • Keep It Clean – A dirty AC unit or dirty ventilation can cause a number of problems and can shorten the lifespan of your AC. It can even make air conditioning systems blow dirty air that irritate your breathing and can make you sick. Be sure to keep the area around the AC unit clean, clean the unit regularly–especially the fan–have your ventilation system inspected for dirt buildup or pest activity, and replace your filters regularly.
  • Check Wiring – Faulty wiring, even in one spot, can make the entire unit fail. You need to keep your AC unit’s wiring well-connected and in good shape. Inspect the unit for proper connections, be sure wiring has not become frayed or rusted, and check to see if the insulation on the wiring has warped or melted. You should also make sure the contactor switch has not pitted.
  • Hire Inspection Services – Professional technicians from an HVAC company in Buford, GA, can inspect your AC unit and all its necessary components for any signs of degradation and damage. It is probably best to hire them to check the wiring and components for damage because they can do so safely. They can also check your thermostat for proper function and can spot signs of damage in hard-to-reach vents and grates. Hire a technician once a year for an inspection and tune up.

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