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Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair Question: Why Is My AC Making a Banging Noise?

We rely heavily on our air conditioners in Atlanta for the long hot summer. It keeps us cool and refreshed when the heat and humidity are at their highest. Of the various problems that can occur with your AC during the course of its service life, a loud noise can often be the most ominous. Is my AC broken? Should I turn it off? Such concerns and questions are common, but don’t let them get the better of you. When you need Atlanta air conditioning repair, look no further than the experts at Cool Air Mechanical. If you find that your AC is making a loud, banging noise, shut it off and give us a call today!

Let’s take a look at what that banging noise could be. While descriptions of sound are often subjective and different according to the listener, there are several possible causes.

  • Blower fan: One of the major components of your AC system is the blower fan motor in the indoor air handler. It’s responsible for extracting the warm air from the interior of your home, and sending cool air through the various air ducts installed throughout the home. It is vital to AC operation. But if there is something wrong with one of its components, or a loose fan blade, the result may sound like a banging noise coming from inside your air handler. If it sounds also like rattling, then it could be a loose panel, which has come loose.
  • Compressor: If you hear a banging noise coming from your outdoor unit, it could be a loose part, or a damaged fan blade. But, unfortunately, it might also be a problem with the compressor itself. A loose connecting rod, piston, or other internal part within the compressor may be broken. You’ll have to check with your local professional to see if your compressor can be repaired. Many of today’s compressors are sealed in order to prevent the accumulation of dust, and it may need to be replaced.

We hope this gives you some idea about the banging noise you hear coming from your AC. To schedule Atlanta air conditioning services, including repair and replacement, call Cool Air Mechanical today! 

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