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Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair: My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

There are numerous reasons why an air conditioner won’t turn on. With professional installation and maintenance, your AC should run well for years, but there may come a time when it’s endured sufficient wear and tear to warrant professional repair. For Atlanta air conditioning repair, call the excellent technicians at Cool Air Mechanical today!

Let’s take a look at why your AC won’t turn on.

  • Thermostat: First, check your thermostat to make sure that it seems to be operating correctly, and that it is calling for cool air. This sounds obvious, but someone in your household may have accidentally changed the settings. If that doesn’t help, your thermostat may have a connectivity problem. If it’s wired, then it could mean a faulty wiring somewhere between the thermostat device and the AC unit itself; if it’s wireless, then the signal may be getting blocked by some material. You may need a new thermostat.
  • Electrical problem: As you well know, your AC needs electricity to operate, so if you’re AC is not turning on, it’s likely due to an electrical malfunction of some type. First, check that you haven’t blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. If that doesn’t help, then there are numerous possible reasons. You may have a bad capacitor, or you may have a damaged wire in the electrical supply line. If you hear buzzing, then that might be a sign that you have a dangerous electrical arcing issue.
  • Other considerations: Your AC may have just called it quits. The compressor motor may have burned out, or there may be another serious problem with the mechanical system. Make sure you have your AC regularly inspected so that you can pre-emptively take action before breakdowns occur and you’re left with a hot home in the middle of the Atlanta summer.

Call Cool Air Mechanical for excellent, comprehensive Atlanta air conditioning repair if your AC won’t turn on.

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