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Atlanta Air Conditioning Guide: Benefits of Packaged Air Conditioning Units

Packaged air conditioning units, also known as all-in-one units, are popular in the Atlanta area because of the variety of home constructions and property layouts. Whereas central air known as a split system, which consists of an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor evaporator/air handler, the packaged air conditioner houses all of the components in a single weatherized unit. They are typically placed outside or on a rooftop, but they may also be installed in crawlspaces. They operate on the same principles as any other type of air conditioning, but they do have certain benefits worth mentioning. For packaged air conditioning installation in Atlanta, call Cool Air Mechanical today!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of an all-in-one system:

  • Compact. For confined spaces and limited options, the compact size of the packaged AC is a great advantage.
  • Easier to maintain and repair. Because all of the components work close together, the packaged AC is much easier to maintain and repair. If your technician has to move between two separate units outdoor and indoors, it may be difficult to assess the cause of a particularly tricky problem, and it extends the amount of labor time when having to move tools and equipment between the two units. The all-in-one AC avoids this problem. It’s a one-stop fix for your local AC professional.
  • Placement. Packaged units offer more flexibility and versatility in terms of their placement. While most systems will be installed outside of the home, you can also install it on the roof of your home, if you have too much room to spare. Because of the relatively quiet operation of today’s highly energy-efficient devices, you might also think about installing it in the basement or in a crawlspace.

Packaged air conditioners are a great alternative to the central air split system. If you’re considering a new AC, but don’t have the space for two units, or would prefer compact size, call Cool Air Mechanical today for packaged air conditioning installation in Atlanta.

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